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Used Cars Wangara, Used Cars Jooondalup, Buckingham Drive Autos Buckingham Drive Autos are a friendly used car dealership based in the northern suburbs of Perth Western Australia. Owned by Lee Jowett & Danny Leverett they have over 20 years experience in the used car industry.

When approaching the dealership you can expect a service that is second to none. With a staff of 10 ranging from mechanics salesmen and administration you can always expect to get helpful professional advice when purchasing your vehicle. The dealership has a fully equipped workshop where all vehicles passing through have a 100 point safety inspection. You will always be guaranteed a quality vehicle that you can rely on.

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Buckingham Drive Autos specialises in used cars priced under $20,000 dollars however they do stock vehicles priced at up to $30,000. All cars are eligible for a warranty for coverage up to 5 years, please contact staff for details.

If you are in need of finance this can be arranged in the office where you can sit down in a relaxed environment and discuss your needs. So whether you need a commercial or passenger vehicle there is a large range to choose from and there is something for everyone.

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Thankyou for visiting the Buckingham Drive website feel free to view the vehicles for sale page. You can also use the enquiry page and they will respond promptly. Do drop in anytime and look at the vehicles available and talk face to face and get fantastic customer service.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Used Cars: Good Vehicles with Lower Prices

Today, consumers have many things to consider when buying cars. These are quality, efficiency, price and velocity. It is important that vehicles can stay for a longer period of time. Most guys know that repair and maintenance are always available when possible problems are encountered. As a buyer, you don’t go out there and drive the car that won’t last for a period of 7 to 10 years. If people buy the one with a worst quality, we expect that they will be scratching their heads sooner. Used cars in Buckingham Drive Autos are giving reasonable prices with superb quality.

Focusing on Quality

It is always good to look at lower prices but consumers should not only focus on figures. Quality should be the first priority when picking the right vehicle. It is best to think of the vehicle that can meet daily needs. Other cars may have several features and people need to consider interiors and exteriors. Safety and overall comfort are necessary for families that have huge circle of friends. This company offers various types of used cars but these do not mean that the presence of good quality is not visible. The management and staff continuously take care of everything.

Warranty and Customer Service

Buckingham drive autos provide a five year warranty to all customers. This one covers repair of minor damages that can be seen in some parts of a vehicle. The repair will be done by a certified mechanic to ensure consistency and good performance. Another benefit that others can consider is the treatment of staff to new and existing customers. Customer service should be highly regarded since most issues will be addressed by the staff. The possible questions about vehicles will also be answered by management and staff. These things should not be ignored.  It is necessary to consider possible issues that can be resolved in a shorter time frame so customers will know how reliable the service is.

These are all important especially when considering a perfect vehicle for personal and business needs. There’s nothing to lose when considering lower prices and good quality at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with being wiser these days.


  1. Some cars do not have maintenance records because they maintained them at home. This should be fine as long as they can prove they maintained the car properly. There are instances where used cars are sold because of past accidents or negative experiences.

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  2. Good point. Purchasing used cars should be carefully planned and prepared to avoid worn cars cloaked in sales advertisement. Quality used cars should have good interior and exterior. Example, engine, wheels, mileage, upholstery and engine conditions are worth considering.

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  3. I am buying a used car engine because the engine of my car was not starting. How much if I will buy that in your store?

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