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Used Cars Wangara, Used Cars Jooondalup, Buckingham Drive Autos Buckingham Drive Autos are a friendly used car dealership based in the northern suburbs of Perth Western Australia. Owned by Lee Jowett & Danny Leverett they have over 20 years experience in the used car industry.

When approaching the dealership you can expect a service that is second to none. With a staff of 10 ranging from mechanics salesmen and administration you can always expect to get helpful professional advice when purchasing your vehicle. The dealership has a fully equipped workshop where all vehicles passing through have a 100 point safety inspection. You will always be guaranteed a quality vehicle that you can rely on.

Used cars Wangara Joondalup Vehicles Perth

Buckingham Drive Autos specialises in used cars priced under $20,000 dollars however they do stock vehicles priced at up to $30,000. All cars are eligible for a warranty for coverage up to 5 years, please contact staff for details.

If you are in need of finance this can be arranged in the office where you can sit down in a relaxed environment and discuss your needs. So whether you need a commercial or passenger vehicle there is a large range to choose from and there is something for everyone.

The hours open for business are
* Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
* Wednesdays 8am to 8pm
* Saturdays 8am to 1pm

Thankyou for visiting the Buckingham Drive website feel free to view the vehicles for sale page. You can also use the enquiry page and they will respond promptly. Do drop in anytime and look at the vehicles available and talk face to face and get fantastic customer service.

Best wishes from the team at Buckingham Drive Autos.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Used Cars in Joondalup - Ideal Type of Used Cars to Buy

People are opting to choose used cars instead of buying a new one as they are greatly easy on the pocket. Looking for an ideal used car is never a complicate task as long as you had the knowledge on how to check the one that can match or overcome the performance of the latest model.

As per 2012 consumer report, ideal types of used cars are based on their rankings, reliability and quality that are suitable bets for non-experienced buyer. Car experts have suggested that consumer should look for the latest model and year that their budget will agree to. It is essential to check car’s safety features, stability control, consistency of breaks and its physical condition.

Reliable and honest used cars in Joondalup dealerships could be a wise option. They have a great range of cars to offer on the buyers. There are business websites that allows you to check important details such as the description of your desired car, mechanical condition, safety features, and some actual images. You can have the greatest deal in price and track the convenient location via the website. It is great to know the nearest service for your suitability to immediate check personally your desired car.

What are the characteristics of an ideal car?

1.    It features authentic car as they are concern with the overall impact of purchased car to the company name.

2.    The car has a mechanical high feat. The used car are proven and tested by time.

3.    The cars are simply affordable as they guarantee the best car rates.

4.    All vehicles have passed the 100 points safety inspection.

5.    There are used cars that will suit your lifestyle and supported by ranging team of mechanics salesmen and administration to help or assist you in decision making.

6.    All cars are qualified for warranty. There is no room for your worries anymore as it has reliable and fully equipped workshop support for different vehicles.

The above characteristics are just few factors that buyers must be considered when looking for an ideal car for them. It changes the old concept about used car as junk due to the revolutionary touch of technology to maintain and improve a certain vehicle.

Searching for the best used car is more likely having your first auto, and in order to be successful on your purchase, you must remember the 4 key steps: research, ask, test and choose. Even you think that buying second hand can save you a lot, you should still need to have the right understanding on how to choose the exact one. Once you have looked into the right car that suits your wants and needs, your experience of buying a used car than a new could attest as the best deal you can get.

For more information about ideal used car dealership, visit Buckingham drive autos website or like on Facebook fanpage at facebook.com/BuckinghamDriveAutos and follow on twitter to get new updates at twitter.com/buckinghamautos.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Seats Safety Evaluation Of Used Cars in Wangara

More people are getting hook to the ultimate practicality of used cars in Wangara. The old car models have definite mechanical function which is tested by time. It is pretty sure that we are able to look for its available parts. Today, the brand new car with factory defect parts is quite difficult to find its replacement as it has limited resource. The only possible provider is the vehicle manufacturer. Moreover, the other factor that we have to check rather than mechanical function is the comfort and safety of seats. It should be properly installed and not tend to wiggle. The external cover is not a problem and has a lot of option to choose from and it is easy to replace and customize.

What are the important considerations for seats?

•    Examine the depth: The lower anchors should not be more than ¾ inch deep in the seat bight and easy to notice.

•    Check out the clearance: Ensure the child seats connectors; seat belts function must be easier to hook or snap, also tighten the LATCH straps.

•    Installation of child’s seat: should be install child restraints by applying less than 40 pounds of force.

•    Check the convenience: Look for the best used car with easiest to reach anchor.

For potential car buyers with toddlers, look for the vehicle that will keep the safety of the young ones. It is advisable to look for the old car model which is manufactured beyond September 1, 2002. So, if you can have models that are well equipped with the LATCH system as prescribed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), then that would be a good selection. The little children are not suitable for booster seats and it is in the law. It is not safe for them to use seat belt if they are not in proper weight and heights harness strap limits. It should set in proper position and should be forward-facing car seats. The proper styles should employ higher sit which enables the adult lap and shoulder belt to fit properly. The style should also include head support. The child’s ear level should not over the vehicle seat back cushion.

Therefore, you can ask the help of professional when it comes to Wangara used car model that can be easily fit with the toddler’s seat. It is better that the seller is able to install the safety child seat so he can demonstrate to you the proper way of installing or how the LATCH system works on the car seats.

Looking to buy safe seats used car vehicles in Wangara? Search for it online at Buckingham Drive Autos.