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Used Cars Wangara, Used Cars Jooondalup, Buckingham Drive Autos Buckingham Drive Autos are a friendly used car dealership based in the northern suburbs of Perth Western Australia. Owned by Lee Jowett & Danny Leverett they have over 20 years experience in the used car industry.

When approaching the dealership you can expect a service that is second to none. With a staff of 10 ranging from mechanics salesmen and administration you can always expect to get helpful professional advice when purchasing your vehicle. The dealership has a fully equipped workshop where all vehicles passing through have a 100 point safety inspection. You will always be guaranteed a quality vehicle that you can rely on.

Used cars Wangara Joondalup Vehicles Perth

Buckingham Drive Autos specialises in used cars priced under $20,000 dollars however they do stock vehicles priced at up to $30,000. All cars are eligible for a warranty for coverage up to 5 years, please contact staff for details.

If you are in need of finance this can be arranged in the office where you can sit down in a relaxed environment and discuss your needs. So whether you need a commercial or passenger vehicle there is a large range to choose from and there is something for everyone.

The hours open for business are
* Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
* Wednesdays 8am to 8pm
* Saturdays 8am to 1pm

Thankyou for visiting the Buckingham Drive website feel free to view the vehicles for sale page. You can also use the enquiry page and they will respond promptly. Do drop in anytime and look at the vehicles available and talk face to face and get fantastic customer service.

Best wishes from the team at Buckingham Drive Autos.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Buying Used Cars Is the Right Choice and Become A Good Solution

Each time people look for vehicles, it’s either they are looking for something that can carry bags and containers or buy the ones that have higher value. With used vehicles, others can still focus on quality and lower prices. The usual problem with owners is the cost of repair and maintenance. Sometimes it is important to learn the fundamentals of car repair. In some cases, common issues with car accessories and parts can be experienced. If drivers know how to repair some basic parts, there is no need to spend too much money. Of course, there are times when you need to spend money for your own vehicle. Buckingham Drive Autos provide reasonable rates for possible repair. Owners have the luxury to see how it is being done. If there is something that needs to be replaced in the vehicle, people must do it without hesitations. Taking care of something you really need is like raising a child. Anywhere you go, there’s always a price to be paid. But let me share these tips on buying a used cars click here.

Accessories and Car Washing

Other things that can be added to the vehicle are optional. Car mats, surround stereo, small television are just a few accessories. Of course, these all depend on the length, size and width of a vehicle. Some are conscious about what’s happening inside so tinted windows are considered special. Laser lights can be added as well by people who want to add a little attraction. When setting it up, proper alignment is necessary to control the exact movement of lights. In this company, the management emphasizes promotion of cars. Designs and styles of cars will all be up to the customers. The most important is basic needs are being met. When it comes to car washing, you need to get rid of ordinary detergents. Car shampoo and hose nozzles are important to wipe out dirt and control the pressure of water when cleaning all parts.

These are all additional details to ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the entire vehicle. The main objective is to make customers happy and let them choose only the best cars today. They have to pick the good ones.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What are the Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Used Cars?

Prices are very important to most people. When buying brand new cars, price differences really matter. See more on craigslist automobile ads. The advantage of having used cars is that these have lower prices. Nowadays, when others say "used vehicle", the quality may not be that good. In most cases, used vehicles still perform well especially when it comes to velocity. Some reports show that these can also last longer. In a span of five years, second hand cars can still exist. Maintenance and repair will be minimized.

Are the Interiors and Exteriors Important Factors When Buying a Used Cars?

Different parts of vehicles should still be considered during the actual purchase. Tires, windows, car seats, doors, compartments are the basic things that customers look for. Exteriors add beauty especially when driving a car on the highway. Appropriate color should be applied throughout the vehicle. The color should not be too strong since the purpose is just for the car to look neat and presentable. Exaggerated colors can ruin its whole appearance. If people are thinking twice about their decisions, it is better to seek an advice.

Buckingham Drive Autos have the management and staff that can support the needs of new and existing customers. Certified mechanics can give their expert opinion on how to maintain the quality of interiors and exteriors. It’s better to consider these things now so others can do proper budgeting. The costs really depend on how huge the change will be. Car inspection is actually done in this company to check the consistency of important parts. To avoid future accidents, the staff checks car seats, side mirrors, car batteries and especially engines. People should also look at bumpers and lights to avoid danger when driving during the night. As customers, it’s a wise move to think about the basic needs for their vehicles.

There’s always an opportunity to become a wise buyer. There’s nothing wrong with being picky when it comes to buying the right ones for you. In the car industry, it is necessary for customers to check all parts, accessories and performance. This prevents others from experiencing problems in the future. You don’t want to keep on replacing some parts in just a few years.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Used Cars: Good Vehicles with Lower Prices

Today, consumers have many things to consider when buying cars. These are quality, efficiency, price and velocity. It is important that vehicles can stay for a longer period of time. Most guys know that repair and maintenance are always available when possible problems are encountered. As a buyer, you don’t go out there and drive the car that won’t last for a period of 7 to 10 years. If people buy the one with a worst quality, we expect that they will be scratching their heads sooner. Used cars in Buckingham Drive Autos are giving reasonable prices with superb quality.

Focusing on Quality

It is always good to look at lower prices but consumers should not only focus on figures. Quality should be the first priority when picking the right vehicle. It is best to think of the vehicle that can meet daily needs. Other cars may have several features and people need to consider interiors and exteriors. Safety and overall comfort are necessary for families that have huge circle of friends. This company offers various types of used cars but these do not mean that the presence of good quality is not visible. The management and staff continuously take care of everything.

Warranty and Customer Service

Buckingham drive autos provide a five year warranty to all customers. This one covers repair of minor damages that can be seen in some parts of a vehicle. The repair will be done by a certified mechanic to ensure consistency and good performance. Another benefit that others can consider is the treatment of staff to new and existing customers. Customer service should be highly regarded since most issues will be addressed by the staff. The possible questions about vehicles will also be answered by management and staff. These things should not be ignored.  It is necessary to consider possible issues that can be resolved in a shorter time frame so customers will know how reliable the service is.

These are all important especially when considering a perfect vehicle for personal and business needs. There’s nothing to lose when considering lower prices and good quality at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with being wiser these days.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Used Cars in Joondalup - Ideal Type of Used Cars to Buy

People are opting to choose used cars instead of buying a new one as they are greatly easy on the pocket. Looking for an ideal used car is never a complicate task as long as you had the knowledge on how to check the one that can match or overcome the performance of the latest model.

As per 2012 consumer report, ideal types of used cars are based on their rankings, reliability and quality that are suitable bets for non-experienced buyer. Car experts have suggested that consumer should look for the latest model and year that their budget will agree to. It is essential to check car’s safety features, stability control, consistency of breaks and its physical condition.

Reliable and honest used cars in Joondalup dealerships could be a wise option. They have a great range of cars to offer on the buyers. There are business websites that allows you to check important details such as the description of your desired car, mechanical condition, safety features, and some actual images. You can have the greatest deal in price and track the convenient location via the website. It is great to know the nearest service for your suitability to immediate check personally your desired car.

What are the characteristics of an ideal car?

1.    It features authentic car as they are concern with the overall impact of purchased car to the company name.

2.    The car has a mechanical high feat. The used car are proven and tested by time.

3.    The cars are simply affordable as they guarantee the best car rates.

4.    All vehicles have passed the 100 points safety inspection.

5.    There are used cars that will suit your lifestyle and supported by ranging team of mechanics salesmen and administration to help or assist you in decision making.

6.    All cars are qualified for warranty. There is no room for your worries anymore as it has reliable and fully equipped workshop support for different vehicles.

The above characteristics are just few factors that buyers must be considered when looking for an ideal car for them. It changes the old concept about used car as junk due to the revolutionary touch of technology to maintain and improve a certain vehicle.

Searching for the best used car is more likely having your first auto, and in order to be successful on your purchase, you must remember the 4 key steps: research, ask, test and choose. Even you think that buying second hand can save you a lot, you should still need to have the right understanding on how to choose the exact one. Once you have looked into the right car that suits your wants and needs, your experience of buying a used car than a new could attest as the best deal you can get.

For more information about ideal used car dealership, visit Buckingham drive autos website or like on Facebook fanpage at facebook.com/BuckinghamDriveAutos and follow on twitter to get new updates at twitter.com/buckinghamautos.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Seats Safety Evaluation Of Used Cars in Wangara

More people are getting hook to the ultimate practicality of used cars in Wangara. The old car models have definite mechanical function which is tested by time. It is pretty sure that we are able to look for its available parts. Today, the brand new car with factory defect parts is quite difficult to find its replacement as it has limited resource. The only possible provider is the vehicle manufacturer. Moreover, the other factor that we have to check rather than mechanical function is the comfort and safety of seats. It should be properly installed and not tend to wiggle. The external cover is not a problem and has a lot of option to choose from and it is easy to replace and customize.

What are the important considerations for seats?

•    Examine the depth: The lower anchors should not be more than ¾ inch deep in the seat bight and easy to notice.

•    Check out the clearance: Ensure the child seats connectors; seat belts function must be easier to hook or snap, also tighten the LATCH straps.

•    Installation of child’s seat: should be install child restraints by applying less than 40 pounds of force.

•    Check the convenience: Look for the best used car with easiest to reach anchor.

For potential car buyers with toddlers, look for the vehicle that will keep the safety of the young ones. It is advisable to look for the old car model which is manufactured beyond September 1, 2002. So, if you can have models that are well equipped with the LATCH system as prescribed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), then that would be a good selection. The little children are not suitable for booster seats and it is in the law. It is not safe for them to use seat belt if they are not in proper weight and heights harness strap limits. It should set in proper position and should be forward-facing car seats. The proper styles should employ higher sit which enables the adult lap and shoulder belt to fit properly. The style should also include head support. The child’s ear level should not over the vehicle seat back cushion.

Therefore, you can ask the help of professional when it comes to Wangara used car model that can be easily fit with the toddler’s seat. It is better that the seller is able to install the safety child seat so he can demonstrate to you the proper way of installing or how the LATCH system works on the car seats.

Looking to buy safe seats used car vehicles in Wangara? Search for it online at Buckingham Drive Autos.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Step By Step Guide On How To Purchase An Ideal Used Car

For people who are on a tight budget, buying used cars is the best option and you should consider trying Buckingham Drive Autos used car dealers. You will not only find the right car that you are looking for but you will also have the chance to find the one that is suitable for the budget that you have. Just in case that this is your first take into buying used cars then you should read the rest of this article so you will know the step by step guide process that you need to do to get the best deals in town.

1. The first thing that you need to do is research on the different cars available in the market today. This will give you an idea what type of cars are being sold right now thus giving you the opportunity to decide which type of car is most suited for you. Knowing the specifications of each car can be beneficial especially for first time buyers like you.

2. List down all the cars that you are considering to help you narrow down your choices and eventually it can help you decide on which car you really like. With all the cars available, you will certainly reach that point wherein you will be confused. That is why it is important to have a list because this can serve as your guide all throughout your search process.

3. You need to check the prices for each car. The Buckingham Drive Autos service has all the necessary information that you need. They list down the prices of each used car that they are selling together with the recent photo of the automobile. You can even send out an inquiry and rest assured that your mail will be answered the soonest possible time.

4. Now that there is a specific car that you are looking at, it is time to visit the shop. By doing so, you can see the car first hand and not just the ones that you see in various photos. Not that these photos are not reliable but it is still a good practice for used car buyers to see the condition of the car physically. Remember, you cannot just rely on the words being said by the seller. Seeing it first hand will help you come up with a decision that is right for you.

5. Before sealing the deal you need to check the papers of the car so as to make sure that you won’t encounter any problem later on. If all the papers and licenses are okay then you are good to go. You just have to be clear with the buyers with regards to the rules that they implement.

Given all the information listed above, you are now ready to purchase used cars that you have set your eyes on. Since careful research has been done, I do not think that you will ever have a problem but in case you do, you can always come back to the shop and report to them whatever it is you are having problems with. Hopefully at the end of the day you will be able to find the one that is really meant for you. So, for all your automobile needs, you can take Buckingham Drive Autos on your list of some good source for second hand vehicle dealerships.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sydney Morning Herald

Perth's 'hovering car'

By Stephen Hutcheon
January 30, 2006 - 12:08PM
The hovering car of Bicton, circled. Inset: a closer view.The hovering car of Bicton, circled. Inset: a closer view.
Eagle eyed users of the satellite imaging service Google Earth have spotted what appears to be a car hovering above the ground in a suburban Perth car park.
The photo is of a car park just off Honour Avenue at Point Walter in the affluent south western suburb of Bicton. The spot is a popular picnic location on the banks of the Swan River.
A number of cars are shown in parking bays and the vehicle in question appears to hovering above the ground nearby, its shadow clearly visible beneath.
Google Earth images are mostly taken by satellites - and sometimes by aircraft - within the past three years and there are no "live" images on the site.
The intriguing image was reported last week by the British IT news website, The Register.
One the the website's readers subsequently visited the very spot and sent in photos showing that there were no unusual structures there that could explain the phenomenon.
Other sceptical readers wrote in insisting the image was an optical illusion and was either a bus shelter, a pergola, a hole in the ground. One said it was obviously "Harry Potter and his friends on vacation".
Google Earth, launched last year, allows users to zoom across the planet and drill down to a height of about 300 metres. The program also has "tilt" function to give a side or angled view of an area or object.
Cars and boats are clearly visible at this level and in some areas, where even higher definition images are available, people can be seen.
The Google service has spawned a group of devoted followers who scour the satellite images for strange sightings. Users in the past have spotted a Stealth bomber parked on a runway in California, commercial planes in mid-flight and an image of what appears to be a ship on its side in a river estuary in Scotland.
The service has been critcised for giving terrorists a bird's eye view of sensitive areas, such as the Lucas Heights reactor in Sydney and Parliament House in Canberra.
It has also given stickybeaks an opportunity to peer into neighbourhood backyards and the home of the rich and famous.
(The hovering car can also been seen in this image on the Google Local service. People who have downloaded the free Google Earth software can see the car image here.)
What is it? Let us know your theories.